Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Example of deprivation analysis using Census 2011 datazone tables

Tables of census statistics published for datazones can be aggregated using the deprivation category assigned to each area.

Tables on ethnicity were aggregated in this way, aggregated data here and background data  here

Charts of the percentage of ethnic groups within each deprivation category are provided below for three groups - White:Polish, African and Indian.  These groups show different patterns
- people reporting a White Polish ethnicity make up a larger proportion of the population in the more deprived areas at around 10% , reducing to 2% of the least deprived areas.
- this is also the case with people reporting African ethnicity with around 16% of the people in the most deprived areas
- the people in the most deprived areas are less likely to report  Indian ethnic group (at 4%) compared with around 8% in the least deprived areas.

Scotland's Census statistics on ethnic group available from Census Data Explorer - table KS201SC

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation is produced by Scottish Government ,using statistics on income, employment, health, education, housing , access, crime to classify areas.  (Low index= more deprived, High index= less deprived)

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