Wednesday, 26 November 2014

International Migration to Scotland in the Year Prior to the 2011 Census

The migration flow data from Census 2011 for Scotland has been published through the NOMIS website.  There are now three tables which gives migration flows based on the address on year ago for Scottish residents.

MM01CUK_ALL           - Origin and destination of migrants by age by sex
MM01CUK_NON_UK  - Origin and destination of international migrants by age by sex
MMO2UK                     - Origin and destination of international migrants expanded country

Here is a snippet which looks at migrants from overseas into local authorities in Scotland, and identifies the top two countries.

A total of 61,100 residents in Scotland reported that they had an address one year ago which was outside the United Kingdom.  This equated to 1.2% of the resident population.

The top five non-UK countries of previous residence who lived in Scotland in 2011 were China (4,400)  USA (4,400) Poland (4,300), India (4,100) and Australia (3,100).

There were quite different patterns across the local authorities.  

The local authority with the highest rate of migration from outside the UK per head of population was Edinburgh City - in general the high rates were in the area universities.

Areas where Poland and EU accession countries are the commonest international migrants

- North Lanarkshire
- Dumfries and Galloway
- Angus
- West Lothian
- Highland
- Moray
- Argyll & Bute
- Aberdeenshire
- Perth & Kinross

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