Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Geography teachers using Census - example of a population pyramid for Ardnamurchan peninsula

Yesterday I ran a session for  Edinburgh University students studying for a postgraduate diploma in maths and geography, introducing them to Census Data explorer.

The following was an example which was suggested - relating to a student carrying out a project following a field trip to Ardnamurchan.

I used table LC1117SC (age by sex) to summarise the characteristics of the usual resident population in this area.

The following is the definition of Ardnamurchan included in the website Argyll Online

Ardnamurchan is the landmass stretching from Loch Linnhe in the east and the Atlantic in the west and includes the lands of Morvern, Sunart, Ardnamurchan and Moidart. The last of these has traditionally been in Lochaber rather than Argyll so sadly is beyond the scope of Argyll Online, although we include some useful background information on it.

The geographic area of Ardnamurchan can be estimated using a number of different geographic units including

- civil parishes of Ardnamurchan, Morvern and Ardgour

For the purposes of comparison the following use other geographic area to approximate Ardnamurchan peninsula

- civil parish

- datazones

- LC postcode sectors

- output areas

Having decided on which area to choose the population structure can be illustrated using a population pyramid.  The following was created by using a template published on a website for a training organisation -  Kurtosis

Population of Ardnamurchan civil parish area
(green - male,  orange - female)

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