Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Teaching the Census through GIS - SAGT conference 2016 - Coatbridge

Tom Macintyre and I presented at  the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers Conference.
The presentation introduced a resource which contains a series of 8 lessons (including a scheme of work and downloadable resources) providing the opportunity for students to explore the 2011 Census whilst exploring a substantive problem –  that of health inequalities – and learning a range of important quantitative skills, including the use of GIS. The original resource was created by Paul Turner and Dr Adam Dennett, who were supported by an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant from the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). This resource is being  adapted to be suitable for use with the Scottish curriculum.

The resource is still being developed and we gathered a lot of interesting views which will help in the next stage of this project.

The following are the resources we shared at the event.

1) Presentation slides

2) Census Data Explorer worksheet and associated video which introduces you to downloading statistics from Scotland's Census website.

Will be available via GLOW Module 28 - broadcast 15th November 2016

3) Scotland’s Population 2015 Infographic report

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