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England and Wales Census 2011 - tables on ethnicity and age

Next set of Scottish Census 2011 tables due on 27 February - more tables from the Ethnicity, Identity, Language and Religion topics. Outputs Prospectus

Table Number Table name
DC1117SC Age by sex
DC2101SC Ethnic group by sex by age
DC2102SC National identity by sex by age
DC2105SC Proficiency in English by sex by age
DC2107SC Religion by sex by age
DC2121SC Scots language skills by sex by age
DC2201SC Ethnic group by religion
DC2202SC National identity by ethnic group 
DC2204SC National identity by religion
DC2205SC Country of birth by ethnic group 

Here are some results based on the England and Wales tables of Ethnic group by sex by age (DC2010EW) which were published last year.  When the Scottish data are published, results for Scotland will be published alongside these.

The different population groups exhibit very different age/sex patterns.
  • The White:Irish population is predominantly older people.  
  • The mixed ethnicity population are predominantly younger, presumably children of parents of different ethnic groups

The Economic and Social Research Council's Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) has prepared briefing documents on the 'Dynamics of diversity: evidence from the 2011 Census' based on the data from England and Wales.  This explores the different characteristics of ethnic populations and also explore the drivers of changes.

England and Wales Census 2011 Population Pyramids for a range of ethnic groups
- Males (Blue), Females (Red), Vertical Axis (Age groups)

White: English/Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish/British


White: Gypsy Traveller

 White: Other White

Mixed Ethnic Groups

Asian/Asian British

Black/African/Caribbean/Black British

Acknowledgement: The population pyramids were created using the tool used by National Records for Scotland to show the changing population profiles over time.

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