Friday, 28 February 2014

Census 2011 - more details on topic of ethnicity, language, religion and identity

Scottish Census 2011 tables published on 27 February–

This release includes a number of tables which gives the age/sex distribution of population groups.  This means that you can produce population pyramids.Population pyramids for a few of the larger ethnic group categories.

Further analysis will be added to look at how the profiles have changed since 2001.  May be slightly tricky given the question on ethnicity changed.

White: Scottish

White: Other British

  White: Polish

White: Other White


Details of all new tables

Table Number Table name
DC1117SC Age by sex
DC2101SC Ethnic group by sex by age
DC2102SC National identity by sex by age
DC2105SC Proficiency in English by sex by age
DC2107SC Religion by sex by age
DC2121SC Scots language skills by sex by age
DC2201SC Ethnic group by religion
DC2202SC National identity by ethnic group 
DC2204SC National identity by religion
DC2205SC Country of birth by ethnic group 

All the data contained in this release can be accessed through the Census Data Explorer on the Scotland’s Census website (  ).

Acknowledgement: The population pyramids were created using the tool used by National Records for Scotland to show the changing population profiles over time.  

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