Sunday, 9 March 2014

SMC Conference session on using Census Data in Schools

I attended the Scottish Mathematical Council Conference in Stirling University on Saturday 8th March and ran a session to introduce maths teachers to Census data.  The session was a brief introduction to the Census process, but mostly a hands on session to use the Census Data Explorer

Seemed to go down well and discussions at the end point to creating an online guide to using the website - maybe a demo of the stages to interrogate the data and then creating charts using it.  Now off to explore free software tools to do this. Slides available on Past Conference Presentations section of the SMC conference website

Stages of the workshop

1) Area profiles - compare characteristics of two areas with Scotland

Comparison of responses to identity question in
Scottish Parliamentary Constituencies of Falkirk East and Linlithgow

2) Standard Maps 
 Screen shot of percentage of local authority responding Scottish Identity only
[Apologies Shetland seems to be off the map]

3) Standard Charts
Screen shot of chart of percentage reporting Scottish Identity only - sorted by council from Edinburgh City to West Dunbartonshire

4) Standard Outputs
Screen shot of method of selecting areas using map function

5) Downloaded tables of national identity by religion

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