Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Post Graduate Primary class - data handling and social subjects

This is the beginning of a post to provide some background data for students teachers to use in producing and interpreting charts with primary classes.

Here is a chart of household composition in Scotland with comparable figures for England,  Wales

Census tables -

At a local level, the following gives the percentage of households in each electoral ward in Edinburgh.  This can be adapted for your own area.

What sorts of areas have the least one person households ?
And what about the areas with lots of one person households?

The chart below compares the percentage of single person households  in these areas, with the percentage of households in an area which are under 35 years(young households).

What does this suggest?

There are a couple of areas which are out of line, with the general trends. The class could investigate if there are any special features of these areas.
  • The Meadows ward seems to have an unusually high percentage of young households. 
  • The Southside ward has a relatively low percentage of young households.  
These statistics along with other characteristics which might be related to single person households are given in the table below

- the size of the house in terms of rooms
- a measure of underoccupancy (households with 2 or more rooms than required)

Data source here  http://bit.ly/1hmdykc

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