Monday, 20 April 2015

Exploring Scotland's Census in Port Glasgow

This course was organised following an enquiry from a team leader in the Quality & Development Service of  Inverclyde CHCP.  It was attended by people from a range of services in the council and a voluntary sector rep - who was the only one without meetings that day.

The course followed the usual format with an introduction to Census 2011 results, and then a demo of the Census Data Explorer.  The participants had a range of experience using websites and so the practical gave them experiences to explore aspects of the website which were most relevant.

Material published here on NRS website.

The final section of the course covered accessing flow data and migration tables - a bit rushed so the following posts include some screen shots of what was covered.  I will upload some additional slides covering this material.

Questions included
- sources of information available using datazones (2011)
- ongoing work to develop localities for community planning partnership
- ability to produce maps at local level using Census data

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