Monday, 20 April 2015

Migration Flows in and out of Inverclyde

 <- Art work from the Port Glasgow station underpass. Produced as part of an NHS Mental Health Group project.

1 -

2 -  Move down page to 2011 Census Data on Nomis 

3 - Select Origin-Destination Data (Also Known as Flow Data)

4 - Select table MM01CUK_ALL: Origin and destination of migrants by age (broad grouped) by sex, from the list of 20 tables 

5 - Choose Inverclyde as the area for 'Interactive Visualisation' 
      [Start typing Inverclyde]

   and View data

6  - The visualisation illustrates the numbers of people moving in or out of the Inverclyde area during the year before Census.  Hover over the arrows to see the numbers.

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